becky - 17 - north england

I study graphic design and I really love metal, punk and dogs ☾

twitter: souIvice
ig: beckypearey

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Anonymous asked: I have no idea why he lied but he's told all of his friends about us apparently having sex! it's hilarious!😂

he is obviously very proud he’s done it now hahah

Anonymous asked: Me and my ex were having sex, and I was on top of her. And we decided to put her legs on my shoulders while I was fucking her, and we got a little rough. In the end we had to stop because I dislocated her leg from her hip.


Anonymous asked: one of my first times having sex i was really worried i wouldn't be as good at it and i wouldn't be big enough, but as we were getting into it the condom i was using was actually too small (yes, apparently thats a thing, and it actually hurts) so we had to do without, but after a few minutes of it, she actually told me we had to stop because i was too big and it was actually hurting her. let this be a lesson, sometimes bigger is not always better.

yeah I’ve heard lots of stories where the guy was too big n it was really painful

Anonymous asked: My ex boyfriend always went on about how he was really good at sex and how it would be the best night of my life when we had sex but when it came to it he was clueless and couldn't get it in and he was getting really annoyed then he admitted he was a virgin he was so embarrassed!!

hahahahaha he learnt his lesson
why did he lie